Work as part of a team and need to give others access to your designs? You've got it. 

You can invite them to your board by selecting the “Share” button at the top of the board. 

You can find them using their existing Trello usernames or invite them to your board using their email addresses.

Important to note: Your team members can view your board and access your designs but only you are authorized to make comments and requests. This is to ensure we're operating in the most efficient way to deliver you the designs you need, when you need them. 

Comments or requests posted by anyone other than the authorized Kimp client will be disregarded.**Kimp Tip #1:** If you need someone else in your team to manage design and revision requests, you can update the authorized Kimp client in your dashboard. So if you want "Alex D'Souza" to manage design and revision requests, just make "Alex D'Souza" the authorized user on your account. The change will be reflected in the name of your board. 

Kimp Tip #2: If you need more work to be completed than one designer can fulfill you can add another subscription. Each additional subscription will give you access to an additional designer and an additional authorized user who can make requests.
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